SunLight2 Architectural-Grade LED Bulbs

SunLight2® LED bulbs are now available from Light to Form. Like the warmth and brilliance of the sun, SunLight2 LED bulbs provide the most natural, vision-friendly lighting experience for any indoor or outdoor location, with the long life and performance you expect from LED lighting.

SunLight2’s color accuracy and vibrancy are ensured with its high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating of 98+, close to that of natural sunlight (CRI 100). 

SunLight2 bulbs are flicker-free and dimmable; single CCT models up to 6500K are excellent for moonlighting effects.Dim-to-warm models are also available, which allow users to dim from a cooler, brighter light down to a warm, sunset glow. 

Choose from several bulb types and beam angles to perfectly suit your application. 

CE RohS UL Listed

SunLight2 MR16 8W LED Bulbs

  • MR168W12V3018KWD - Dim to Warm, 3000K CCT Dims to 1800K
  • MR168W12V27K - 2700K CCT
  • MR168W12V30K - 3000K CCT

SunLight2 GU10 8W LED Bulbs

  • GU10A8W3018KWD - Dim to Warm, 3000K CCT Dims to 1800K

SunLight2 PAR20 10W LED Bulbs

  • PAR20A10W3018KWD - Dim to Warm, 3000K CCT Dims to 1800K
  • PAR20A10W60K - 6500K CCT

SunLight2 PAR30 14W LED Bulbs

  • PAR30A14W3018KWD - Dim to Warm, 3000K CCT Dims to 1800K
  • PAR30A14W60K - 6500K CCT

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